Timeless Elegance Preserved Cotton

Timeless Elegance Preserved Cotton
Knowing the fabric you wear gives you insights about how to protect and prolong the lifespan of your Le Nouveau Chef garments. We value the importance of responsible fabrics, which is why Le Nouveau Chef offers certified options.

Stain removal
Accidents happen in the kitchen, and stubborn stains can sometimes find their way onto your workwear. But swift action is the key – treat the stain promptly with a suitable stain solution designed for cotton fabrics to pre-clean the stain. Be mindful, however, of stain solutions containing bleach, as they can compromise the fabric's colour integrity. Discover our Stain Guide for step-by-step instructions on removing stains.

Depending on the nature of your Le Nouveau Chef’s cotton garment, you can opt to store them flat or gracefully hang them on a rack, preserving the original condition.

Washing rituals
Cotton needs a little more attention when it comes to washing. To preserve its natural charm, we recommend machine washing at a gentle low temperature or hand-washing for those occasional spot treatments. Not only does this save energy, but it also minimises stress on the delicate fibres, safeguarding the garment's longevity. For coloured garments, a clever trick is to turn them inside out before washing, ensuring the outer surface remains unblemished.

A gentle breeze
When your garment is fresh and clean again, you can shape it back to its original shape by stretching or shaking it gently. Cotton fabrics benefit from a firm shake and stretch along the seams to restore their form. Cotton possesses a natural propensity for shrinkage, which often occurs during drying. If possible, opt for air-drying your garments away from any sunshine.

Ironing & steaming
Modern washing machines often offer a "reduced creases" setting, which aids in wrinkle prevention. Alternatively, adjusting the wash cycle to a higher moisture level can also minimise creasing. Should ironing become necessary, consult the garment care label for the recommended temperature setting. When pressing cotton items, utilising the steam setting on your iron works wonders.

By reading Le Nouveau Chef’s care advice, we hopefully empower you to preserve the quality and durability of your chef clothing and catering uniforms.