Embroidery Line 1

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Embroidery Line 1

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Julien Black

Chef Jacket Julien Black

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Chef Jacket Alain White

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Chef Jacket Alain Black

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Mix & Match

The Collection

Creating the perfect balance between form and function: it has always been a basic principle of our design philosophy. The result: the freedom to create a well put-together look that allows for unicity. Our collection is made to mix and match. Combine your favourite colours and designs to create a uniformal look for your entire crew.

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Since 1986

Our Heritage

Le Nouveau Chef is a family business, started by one generation and continued by another. It all started in 1986 with the simple idea to create distinctive attire, designed to help chefs be the best they can be. We focus on aesthetic, high performance and innovation to create chef wear that feels, fits and looks great.

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Made to last

High-quality fabrics

We carefully choose our materials to produce workwear that's made to last. We take quality, lifespan and the possibility of industrial washing of clothing into account. It is a process of continuous development and improvement. All material and fabric production, as well as our clothing manufacturing, takes place in Europe.

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