Green choices

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We are committed to working towards a better and ‘greener’ industry. Creating products, made
with respect for the planet and people. We acknowledge our social responsibility to always do better, to always be better. 

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Made in Europe


Our suppliers share our values and deliver high-quality, eco-friendly
materials and fabrics. We strive to minimise our carbon footprint,
and to maximise the well-being of the workforce. All material and
fabric production, as well as our clothing manufacturing takes place
in Europe.

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High quality fabrics


We carefully choose our materials to produce workwear that is made to last. The biggest part of our collections are produced with more preferred and sustainable materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. To help you keep your outfit in great condition, detailed washing instructions are supplied with every item.

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Upholding responsible manufacturing


We work together with our suppliers to create high quality fabrics.
It’s our challenge to always look for the most sustainable option
available while keeping performance and industrial washing in
mind. This is an ongoing proces of constant improvement.

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Committed to responsibility


Our production process is designed to minimise cutting waste. We purchase all our materials ourselves and we work closely together with our production partners in the EU. Further reducing our footprint by purchasing more preferred and sustainable materials, we further reduce our footprint, but also we focus on renewable energy both in our HQ and factories.

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''It's a philosophy that goes beyond our collections;
it's about the choices we make that concern the entire process

- Marijn Blaauw, COO